SCRAP Trading, is a Non-Ferrous metal reusing and exchanging unit, creating diverse levels of Aluminum scrap.Our center business is the reusing of scrap metal from a scope of sources, for example, End-of-Life vehicles/purchaser items, industry, development and pulverization. We structure an essential connection between the piece authorities, processors, recyclers, and assembling enterprises; accordingly finishing the hover of Recycling.

We buy, sell & process a wide variety of stainless steels, Copper, Aluminium, Plastic, Iron, high-temperature alloys, Ni/Cr/Mo/Fe alloys, cobalt alloys, cupronickels, monels, titaniums and many other nickel based scrap items.

with qualities attractive to construction, engineering, plumbing, printing, electronics, and many other industries. Its antifouling potential makes it useful in marine applications. Copper alloys—over 400 of them—bring strength, ca stability, mach inability, ductility, corrosion resistance, and other valuable properties to every kind of project and process.

We are experienced in handling many different types of excess or scrap metal including: scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap steel and scrap iron.

We provide our scrap collection services to construction site, factory clearance, warehouse, metal collection, demolition contractors and collections, scrap metal removal and site clearance, for copper, cable, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, milk steel, lead, various cables, all type of iron and steel etc..

and steel etc..