lead scrap in dubai

Lead is a profoundly consumption safe, thick, flexible, and pliable blue-dark metal, which has been utilized for somewhere around 5000 years. In a few nations, be that as it may, natural or wellbeing outcomes have killed or diminished its utilization in link sheating, petroleum added substances. Patch, shot, and colors.

Lead has the most astounding rate of reusing of the considerable number of metals. Because of its consumption opposition, lead scrap is accessible for reusing, decades or even hundreds of years after it is made. New ecological directions in a few nations has incredibly diminished the dissipative uses for lead, including paint, shades, leaded gas, stabilizers, weld, and ammo.

  • Cable Stripping
  • Cables
  • Battery Scrap
  • Battery Plates
  • Radio – Mixed hard/soft Lead Scrap
  • Racks – Lead Scrap – Soft
  • Relay – Lead Covered copper cables


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